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15 · 12 · 2020


ATTAhygge.com – Danish Cultural Institute and ATTA Festival’s new website for children

In Denmark, we absolutely love to create fun and new performances and experiences for children. We’re actually quite well-known for our creation of great children’s culture.


Why is that? That’s an easy question: because we believe that all children have wonderful ideas and abilities that must be encouraged and tended to. Children must be inspired and guided to think creatively. They must be lifted – both academically and as individual people – while they are entertained. This is exactly what ATTAhygge is all about!


On ATTAhygge, we have collected a large selection of Danish and Turkish children’s culture. Not only does it present a strong purpose and meaning for children – it also enables the children to start and engage in fun, exciting and challenging activities between Danish and Turkish culture.


Children’s culture is an important tool that allows the child to fully explore themselves as individuals, as well as the good life they can and will lead. Through the use of theatre performances, workshops, music, drawing/colouring and cooking activities, and animated short films, the children get to learn more about themselves. But it does not stop there: they also learn more about the world around them, as well as what it means to play and interact with other children.


To learn more and see interactive content for children visit ATTAhygge.com